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Advanced Accounts Payable
Course Code Start Date End Date Duration Venue Fees $
EFINA006 25-Mar-2018 29-Mar-2018 5 Days Dubai 2500 USD

Appreciate the importance of the accounts payable function with regard to its links with the supply chain and cash flow
Use the appropriate tools and techniques to evaluate suppliers and their financial and operational reliability
Consider the impact of risk and uncertainty on the business and its impact on accounts payable and cash flow

Designed for
Work effectively with the fundamentals of accounts payable, financial accounting and the supply chain
Appreciate the processes and procedures involved in the evaluation of suppliers
Understand and apply the fundamentals of accounts payable systems
Review and comment on payment methods and cash management
Analyze the need to incorporate risk and uncertainty into accounts
payable analysis

Before Using Accounts Payable
Overview of AP
Processing AP batches
Processing invoices, credit notes, and debit notes
Processing adjustments
Processing payments
Using the payment entry form
Using the create payment batch form
Printing checks from accounts payable
Posting payments
Importing payment batches
One-time vendors
Accounting for retain age
Reconciling bank statements
Processing multi-currency transactions
Revaluing multi-currency transactions
Reporting accounts payable data
Periodic processing

Maintaining Records
Icons for maintaining vendor records and setup information
Adding, editing and deleting vendor groups
Adding, editing and deleting vendors
Adding, editing and deleting remit-to locations
Adding, editing and deleting recurring payable records
Adding, editing and deleting vendor information
Changing accounts payable options
Adding, editing and deleting account sets
Adding, editing and deleting distribution codes
Adding, editing and deleting distribution sets
Adding, editing and deleting terms codes
Adding, editing and deleting payment codes
Adding, editing and deleting e-mail messages
Adding, editing and deleting selection codes
Adding, editing and deleting optional fields
Printing setup record reports
Importing and exporting record information

Processing Payments and Adjustments
Icons used to process payment and adjustment batches
Using the payment entry form
Using the control payments form
Printing checks and posting payment batches
Viewing payment information
Using the adjustment entry form
Listing payment and adjustment batches
Posting adjustment batches
Printing/posting journals
Checking batch status
Importing and exporting payment and adjustment batches

Periodic Processing
Icons used in periodic processing
Creating a recurring payable batch
Clearing history and statistics
Creating general ledger batches
Creating retain age batches
Filing 1099 forms electronically
Deleting inactive records
Revaluing vendor transactions
Year-end processing
Standard Reports for Accounts Payable
Aged cash requirements
Aged payables
Batch listing and status
Cheque register
General ledger transactions

Accounts Payable, Financial Accounting and the Supply Chain

The Accounting environment
Accounting and financial information
Accounting terminology
Sources of finance
The supply chain
Financial position and financial performance
The structure of the profit and loss account (Statement of Comprehensive Income)
What does the Statement of Comprehensive Income tell us about a company?
The structure of the balance sheet (Statement of Financial position
What does the Statement of Financial position tell us about a company?
Cash flow and DCF
Why is cash flow so important?
The structure of the statement of cash flows
Capital and revenue expenditure
Capital expenditure and discounted cash flow (DCF)

Evaluation of Suppliers

Suppliers and trading terms
Suppliers, products, and prices
Supplier choice
Terms of trading
Supplier credit analysis
Business ratio analysis
Finding and using data and information
Tools and techniques of financial analysis: ratios; trends; common size analysis
The use of financial ratios: profitability ratios; efficiency ratios: liquidity ratios; investment ratios; financial ratios; the DuPont system
The best performance measure cash or profit?
Financial distress and the Altman's Z score-type analyses
Trend analysis
Common size (or horizontal) trend analysis of financial statements
Vertical trend analysis of financial statements
Segmental analysis of financial statements
Value added analysis of financial statement

Accounts Payable Systems

Purchase Order Processing (POP)
The acquisition/payment process
Purchase requisition
Purchase authorization
Purchase order
Stock (inventory) control
Goods received
Returned goods
Physical stock control
Links with the general ledger
Accounts payable (AP)
Invoice registration
Invoice matching
Invoice payment
AP links with the general ledger (GL)

Payment Methods and Cash Management

Methods of Payment
The payment process
Traditional payment methods
Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
International payments
Working Capital and Cash Management
Working capital and the working capital requirement
Managing working capital
Cash improvement techniques
Cash management and the bank facility (line of credit)

Leasing versus Borrowing to Buy
Why lease?
Operating leases
Financial leases
Lease evaluation

Risk and Uncertainty

Risk Analysis
Analyzing risk: expected values; value of perfect information (VOPI); standard deviation
Risk and uncertainty decision rules
Scenario, sensitivity, and break-even analysis technique
Types of risk

Risk Management
Risk management principles
Talking to your bankers about managing risk
The analytical tools to manage risk
How to develop the tools for your company
How to minimize risk: insurance and hedging

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