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المهارات الذاتية وخدمة العم...
الموارد البشرية والتدريب
اللوجستية والمشتريات والمخا...
المالية والمحاسبة وأسواق ال...
الإدارة والإشـــــراف
البرامج الهندسية المتخصصة
البرامج المتخصصة لقطاع البت...
البرامج القانونية المتخصصة
التسويق والمبيعات
الصحة والسلامة والبيئة
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Course List

Interpersonal Skills and Customer Service
Course Code Course Name Start Date End Date Venue Fees $
EPSCS001 Excellence in Customer Service 7-Jan-2018 11-Jan-2018 Madrid 4500 USD
EPSCS002 Internal Communication Skills 21-Jan-2018 25-Jan-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS003 Win-Win Negotiation Skills 4-Feb-2018 8-Feb-2018 London 4500 USD
EPSCS004 Dispute and Conflict Management 18-Feb-2018 22-Feb-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS005 Self and Time Management Skills 11-Mar-2018 15-Mar-2018 Istanbul 3500 USD
EPSCS006 Professional Analytical Thinking and Problems… 25-Mar-2018 29-Mar-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS007 Creative Problems Solving and Decision Making 1-Apr-2018 5-Apr-2018 Jakarta 3500 USD
EPSCS008 Professional Negotiation and Influencing Skills 15-Apr-2018 19-Apr-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS009 Time Management Skills 6-May-2018 10-May-2018 Cairo 2500 USD
EPSCS010 Technical Reports Writing Skills 20-May-2018 24-May-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS011 Strategic Thinking 3-Jun-2018 7-Jun-2018 Bangkok 3500 USD
EPSCS012 Self and Career Development 17-Jun-2018 21-Jun-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS013 Customer Relationship Management 1-Jul-2018 5-Jul-2018 Casablanca 3500 USD
EPSCS014 Emotional Intelligence Skills 15-Jul-2018 19-Jul-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS015 Business Etiquette and Protocol 5-Aug-2018 9-Aug-2018 Singapore 4500 USD
EPSCS016 Powerful Presentation Skills 19-Aug-2018 23-Aug-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS017 Creative Thinking 2-Sep-2018 6-Sep-2018 Cyprus 4500 USD
EPSCS018 Effective Negotiation Skills 16-Sep-2018 20-Sep-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS019 Problems Solving for Executives 30-Sep-2018 4-Oct-2018 Sharm-El-Sheikh 3500 USD
EPSCS020 Hospitality Management Skills 14-Oct-2018 18-Oct-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS021 Change Management Skills 4-Nov-2018 8-Nov-2018 Salalah 3500 USD
EPSCS022 Modern Management Techniques 18-Nov-2018 22-Nov-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS023 Stress Management for Senior Managers 2-Dec-2018 6-Dec-2018 Kuala Lumpur 3500 USD
EPSCS024 Advanced Supervisory Skills 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
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