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Welcome to our site!

Quality Management Consultancy (QMC) is the one of pioneers of management training in the Arab World, founded in Sharjah, UAE 2009, in collaboration with specialized professionals with over 20 years of experience, (QMC) is accredited and holds the certificate of excellence in quality of training from the American Professional Training Academy (APTA) – New Jersey, USA in 2012, (QMC) provides professional training programs in different specializing fields to cover the training needs of the various sectors in the Arab World in the following disciplines by both languages Arabic and English.

  • Provide participants with information and new contents, which contribute to increase the growth of knowledge.
  • Provide participants with strategies and training skills to help them in planning and creativity.
  • Provide participants with the trends and positive values that would help them increase their willingness to work and professional behavior will change for the better, thus contributing to the achievement of educational objectives, and access to the degree of love of work and institutional affiliation.
Upcoming Courses
Course Code Course Name Start Date End Date Venue Fees $
FINA024 إدارة الأموال وتحليل وتقييم كفاءة هيكل التمويل 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 دبي 2500 USD
PSCS024 تنمية المهارات الذاتية كأساس للأداء المتميز 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 دبي 2500 USD
SEC024 مهارات السكرتارية التنفيذية المعاصرة 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 دبي 2500 USD
LAW024 تنمية المهارات المتكاملة في الشؤون القانونية 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 دبي 2500 USD
LPSW024 المهارات المتكاملة في تخطيط المستودعات والرقابة… 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 دبي 2500 USD
TQM024 إدارة أمن المعلومات - الأيزو 27001 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 دبي 2500 USD
EFINA024 Petroleum Finance and Accounting Principles 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPSCS024 Advanced Supervisory Skills 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
ESEC024 System and Modern Trends in Office Management 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EHSE024 Chemical Spills, Safety Precautions and Response… 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EENG024 Geographic Information Systems - GIS 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
EPET024 Modern Petroleum Well Test Analysis 16-Dec-2018 20-Dec-2018 Dubai 2500 USD
ADMIN024 المهارات المتقدمة للتخطيط الإستراتيجي والمتابعة 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 صلالة 3500 USD
HRTR024 المهارات المتقدمة في وضع السياسات التدريبية وإعداد… 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 كوالالمبور 3500 USD
PURE024 العلاقات العامة وإدارة الأزمات والكوارث 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 مدريد 4500 USD
MARK024 التسويق الإحترافي الحديث لزيادة المبيعات 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 لندن 4500 USD
HSE024 الإدارة الفعالة للأمن والسلامة المهنية 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 إسطنبول 3500 USD
ENG024 مهارات إدارة المشروعات الهندسية 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 جاكرتا 3500 USD
PET024 أساسيات التركيب الكيميائي للنفط ومشتقاته 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 القاهرة 2500 USD
EADMIN024 Crisis Management 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 Salalah 3500 USD
EHRTR024 Managing Employee Performance in the Unionized… 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 Kuala Lumpur 3500 USD
EPURE024 Corporate Social Responsibility and Events 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 Madrid 4500 USD
EMARK024 Marketing Risk Management 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 London 4500 USD
ELPSW024 Sourcing in Procurement and Supply Chain 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 Istanbul 3500 USD
ETQM024 Statistical Package for the Social Sciences - SPSS 23-Dec-2018 27-Dec-2018 Jakarta 3500 USD
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